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Roofs are important to a home on many different levels. A roof protects a home from inclement weather. It protects the occupants of a home from inclement weather and provides the finishing touches on the privacy aspect a home provides. A roof also greatly impacts the house’s appearance from the street. The various roofs on the market do primarily the same things, but some do it better.

With the few options that were available, the quality was also not very good. Now you can find something that suits your tastes and preferences so that you give your home the look that you desire. Steel and metal roofing is a type of roofing that you should give serious consideration to if you want to find a suitable roofing material. This is because; this kind of roofing has several benefits associated with it. Some of these benefits are:


1. Durability
Steel roofing is one of the most durable types of roofing that you can have. This is largely because it can withstand harsh environmental conditions like hail, lightning, extreme heat and many others. This is because of the structure of steel and some of the processes and adaptations that are made to the steel in the process of making the roof.

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2. Ease of installation
The process of installing metal roofing is very simple. The first thing that is distinct about this method is that you do not have to remove the existing material that you have. You can apply the steel roofing over it and this will not affect the functionality of the roof in any way.

3. Weight
Steel roofing is light in weight. This material’s lightweight is also beneficial because it ensures that the pressure that is put on the house by it is not too much.

4. Resistant to fire
Fires are very common in buildings. One of the things that can affect the rate at which the fire will spread is the type of roof used on the building. In the case where the roof can easily catch fire, the fire will spread faster and therefore there will be more damage. Steel roofing is a desirable form of metal roofing because it is fire resistant. You, therefore, can feel safer under it.

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5. Eco-friendly
Steel roofing is environmentally friendly because it does not emit any materials that can be harmful to the environment. This type of roofing is also long-lasting and in most cases, you will not need to replace it after a short while. When replaced, you can always find another use for the steel. See some common questions answered about steel and metal roofing.

6. Cheap
Metal roofing is generally affordable, and when you opt for this kind of roof, you will make a lot of savings, in addition to enjoying the great features of the same.

7. Maintenance
Steel roofing requires very little maintenance. This makes this kind of roofing very desirable because you do very little to ensure that it remains in great condition.

Environmentally and Pocket-Friendly

Among the best roofing systems, metal roofing is no exception regarding energy efficiency, air conditioning costs, and insulation during cold conditions. After an extended period under the metal roof, you will realize that you have saved on your energy bills as well as taking care of the environment. However, it is not the bare metal roofing that saves energy but rather the finishes put on it after installation. Due to the high light reflective nature of the unpainted metal roof, it gives it an advantage of reflecting more sunlight than the asphalt roof. An asphalt roof retains the heat absorbed. This feature is vital in addition to the pre-painted or granular coated metal roof. Coated metal varieties also help in cooling the home by re-emitting the absorbed solar radiation especially for homes in mild climates. For many homes situated in hot weather, there is a variety of metal roofing which is highly reflective and emissive. It cuts the costs of other energy consuming installations like the air conditioners by re-emitting up to 90% of the absorbed solar radiation.

The Cool-Metal Roofing Finishing

Cool metal roofing is a type of finish which is considered the most effective and energy saving finish for metal roofing. It has a coating which through the use of its cool pigments in the paint makes it highly reflective thus lowering the surface temperature of the roof. This roofing system overrides the need for an air conditioner in the building. Most of the cool-metal roofing systems are ENERGY STAR certified.

Metal roofing is considered the perfect choice for the construction of a low energy consuming home because of the features of being an excellent solar reflector and heat emitter. The conclusion come due to the following reasons.

  • They have an excellent protective capacity on their insulation which ensures a stable and long-lasting thermal resisting roof.
  • They have a good airtight construction with the ability for not letting air to pass through, in or out of the home. It’s a characteristic attribute of metal panels thus maintaining the home temperature.
  • Metal roofing qualifies for incorporating high-efficiency windows and skylights while maintaining certification qualities.

Solar Panel Friendly

It is relatively easy and inexpensive to install solar panels on the steel and metal roof systems, sometimes even with fixing solutions that do not penetrate into the roof system. Because the lifespan of the material exceeds the life of the solar system. It’s evident that the lifespan of metal roofing outruns the lifespan of solar panels. It makes it possible to replace the panels on already existing roofing. The maximum home cooling capacity, ease of installation and long lifespan coupled with the endurance of metal roofing gives solar panels the green light on developing your home cost effectively.

How Much Does A Metal Roof Cost?

Metal and steel roofing is a premium home product. Its cost is at a maximum of three times more expensive than the asphalt shingle roof. Despite this superiority on asphalt roofing, metal roofing is relatively the same in cost as compared to the tile roofing or cedar shake roofing- a shift from slate roof to the metal roof would cost even less.

Metal roofing comes among the best choice in case you do not want to worry about your roof again; it does not matter what kind of style you choose. If you happen to replace your roofing with the metal roof, it will add to its resale value, help with your expenses on energy and cut costs on maintenance and re-roofing.

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