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If you are tired of constant roof repair after a light rain, and need to check out better roofing solutions, rubber roofing may just be what you need. Made up of ethylene propylene diene terpolymer (EPDM), this roof is increasingly being chosen by homeowners as a more or less permanent roofing solution. Here is some information you should keep in mind if you are planning to invest in a rubber roofing and how repairs are done.

Benefits of Rubber Roofing

Rubber roofing requires a licensed expert to install and can be quite expensive to put in as a result. The long-term benefits, however, outweigh these minor cons. For one thing, rubber roofing is more or less a permanent solution to your roofing needs as it is resistant to water and wear and tear. Since the rubber is laid out in a single piece, there are no seams available for water seeping and can last for as long as 50 years. Another great advantage of rubber roofing is that it is fire resistant. Rubber is so slow burning that there is plenty of time for help to arrive before even a minor part of the roof can catch fire.

Energy efficiency and the ecological savings are another great factor to keep in mind when it comes to rubber roofing. Since rubber roofing reflects heat of the sun, it can prevent the house from heating up during summer. During winter months, the rubber layer acts as an effective insulation against the cold thus keeping energy bills low. The material used to prepare rubber roofing is also ecologically friendly and requires less energy to prepare.

Best Time to Repair a Rubber Roof

While rubber roofing is low on maintenance, scheduled maintenance for minor repairs is always a good idea. Every 10 to 12 years, it is recommended to have the rubber roofing repainted with acrylic paint. This makes the roof look attractive and adds to its energy saving ability. Repairs are quickly conducted for a rubber roofing and is very cheap as well. In case of a leak, you can summon the installation expert who will then apply some liquid rubber to the patch of roof that is leaking. The roof can also need repair when it begins to show cracks.

At this time, the roof can be patched by a rubber roofing expert with the help of caulking or flashing with a similar material. Another time to repair the rubber roof would be if an object falls on it and causes a tear in the roofing. That is when the roof can be repaired with a puncture kit, or rubber caulking. It is of course a good idea to conduct these repairs during dry weather and after consulting a licensed rubber roofing expert.

Rubber roofing is quickly proving to be a more eco-friendly and long-lasting alternative to traditional roofing. The cost is on the higher side compared to asphalt shingles, but the long-term benefits in terms of minimal maintenance, energy savings and reduced chances of leakage are factors that weigh in its favor. Have your roof installed only by a trusted, licensed expert since they will install it correctly. With a little sprucing up and the right coat of paint, a rubber roof can look every bit as good as a traditional roof.

Rubber Roofing MN

Rubber Roofing MN has years of experience working with all different types of commercial flat roofing. We are less expensive than the competition and offer the same high level of service and skilled workmanship. From flat roof inspections and leak repairs to complete roof replacements, including sheet metal coping, we cover it all.

Palmer West Construction Company, Inc.

Palmer West Construction Company, Inc., was founded in 1978. The single goal of our business was to satisfy each and every commercial client beyond all expectations. Over the last 36 years, we have continued to fulfill this goal with our superior repairs, service, maintenance, and installations. In Minneapolis, St. Paul, and many of the surrounding areas, we serve the needs of clients with commercial properties of every shape and size. Whether you are in charge of a large manufacturing facility, or you are managing a number of different properties, we guarantee our roofing company can provide the superior work and personal attention you desire.

A Plus Roofing Company

A Plus Roofing is experienced in installing and caring for EPDM roofing systems for commercial building through Minneapolis and St. Paul as well as the surrounding communities. A Plus Roofing was founded in 1990 and has since worked to build a positive reputation as a leader for commercial roofing projects. A Plus Roofing specializes in a variety of roofing systems including EPDM roofing systems

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