What Metal Roofing Material Is Best in Houston

Are you installing a metal roof in Houston? If yes, then you need to read this first.

There are many advantages of building a roof made of metal. To understand why, you need to first know the different kinds of metal roofs available in the market.

The Different Metal Roof Types

Here are the major metal roof types available in the market.

Copper Metal Roofs

Copper metal roofs are for the elegant and chic; they are eye catching and shimmery. However, they are expensive and need experts to install them in.

Tin Metal Roofs

Tin, if mixed with other metals while still molten, will make a very strong alloy. It is also weather resistant. However, it is again quite expensive.


Many people coat their roofs with Aluminum even if the whole roof is not made of the same material. This is because Aluminum is highly resistant to rusting and can weather harsh changes in the climate.

Galvanized Steel

Steel coated electroplated with Zinc is known to be galvanized. It protects the roof against corrosion and oxidation. This is the most common type of metal roof as it is very long-lasting.

Why A Metal Roof?

The first advantage with metal roofing is that it can be easily installed if done by professionals. All you need to do is hire a local houston metal roof professional and he/she will take care of the rest.

The second advantage is that metal roofs are resistant to fire, water, harsh winds, insects, rusting, mildew, corrosion and rot. They out seal water. Metals have very high melting and burning points. In no way is your roof going to give way, if Goodness Forbid, a fire does breakout.

They are also light weight as opposed to the conventional asphalt roofs. These roofs come in pieces, like the pieces of a puzzle and will be installed but by bit. Once installed, it can last up to 50 years or so.

The best roof out of all the above is a steel roof. It is completely non-combustible and even reflects harmful UV rays. This will ensure that no extra amount of heat is going to seep in through the roof and will help you cut down on your power bill – you’ll need a lesser powerful AC.

Hence, steel roofing is most recommended by experts. It has an A-class rating; the highest any roof is required to attain.

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