How Hurricanes And Other Bad Weather Impact Your Roof

Your roof is the most significant protective layer of your house. It is the first line of defense against
the freezing winter chill, the heavy downpour during the wet months, and the boiling heat of
the sun.

Over the years, extreme weather conditions – whether cold or hot – can effect the strength
of your roof. As a homeowner, you need to know how bad weather impacts your roof structure
in order to properly deal with it over the years.

Excessive heat
Extreme heat leads to premature aging which can eventually harm the exterior as well as
interior of your roofing system. Continued exposure to the sun also causes swelling of some
materials. Shingles and tiles tend to curl, warp, crack, or even shrink when it is extremely hot
outside. It also affects the structural ventilation and indoor temperature of your house.

Strong winds can send shingles flying off your roof and blow away tiles, leaving the wooden
panels exposed to the water mutilation or other risks. This also causes the water to leak
through the broken seals and loose flashing. Homes that are bounded by huge trees are also
vulnerable during a storm. They often bend during the strong winds and rub strongly against
the roof. Small branches and leaves also fly all over the house, blocking the drain systems and

Heavy rain
When vulnerabilities such as loose seals, cracked shingles or missing tiles strike, rainwater could
leak into the roof space, along the walls, and finally into your house and down into the

Hail not just impacts the roof of your home but the sidings and windows as well. By installing
the durable roofing material, you can easily avoid the extensive roof damage caused by the
hailstorm or weather disturbances.

Hire Roofing Expert to Protect your Roof!
Though natural forces don’t impose immediate damage to your roof, but slowly the roofing
structure deteriorates as the future hurricanes occur.
As a homeowner, it’s important for you to carry out regular roof inspections to avoid expensive,
major repairs down the line. Contact a reliable and experienced roofer today.

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