Holiday Outdoor Light Hanging Tips

The Holiday Season is a beautiful phrase which everyone looks forward to. After a year of hard working we want to travel to different places with our loved ones. But while traveling and spending our holiday outdoors we may want to put lights out to make it more memorable and beautiful. We also want to hang different lights for Christmas outside of our house. For this, we must be careful and should look into the best way of hanging lights. So here are some tips for hanging lights outdoors.

1. Measure the length: Before starting this work we must have to measure the length. From this, you can get knowledge about the length so that you can buy light and a wire according to that length. Without measuring the actual length do not carry out this activity. Guessing a length may create problems so always measure practically.

2. Test the bulb before plugging them:
Always test the bulb before hanging them because sometimes some bulbs are damage or are broken, so by this activity you will find that the bulbs are damaged or not. If some of them are damage you can replace them with a new one. It saves your time, energy and efforts.

christmas lights

3. Place the ladder:
Now safely place the ladder and plug your lights. Always be careful while standing on the ladder, always place it on a flat ground. Never try to hang lights in the trees and other things which comes directly contact with power lines.

4. Make sure that the light is waterproof:
While buying lights make sure that light is waterproof because if it is not waterproof then it may be damaged by the fog or a rainfall which may ruin your overall efforts, energy, and money. So always hang waterproof bulbs which help to make your holidays interesting and exciting. You can use mini lights or C7 or C9 bulbs, the simple difference between them is mini lights are inexpensive and it consumes less energy whereas C7 or C9 lights consume more energy and becomes very hot.

5. Always use proper Outlet:
Health is wealth, always be careful while enjoying your holidays. Hanging lights seems simple but it may create several problems if you are not careful. Always provide power to these bulbs from ground fault circuit interrupter because it helps to shut down the circuit if there is an overload. If you don’t have ‘Ground-fault circuit interrupter‘ then you must have to buy it from your nearest local store.

6. Attach Lights to shingles, trees, and railings:
Now after performing all above activities, you can attach bulbs to the shingles, trees, and railing. You have to use the clip to hang lights on shingles and railings whereas you need standing pole to handle light on the trees but make sure that trees are away from the power lines.

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